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The description on the site says, that this pack would not enhance the visual quality if you are playing in sub-4k (i.e. lower) resolution. Since i'm playing in 1080p, i've figured that it would not impact me, yet still decided to download it & compare (only 500 mb after all, so why not?). And the difference is pretty stark. Setting graphics quality to 4k (and i mean that option, not the resolution) improves the art quality in main menu dramatically, when compared to "high" setting. If this is a bug, it should probably be fixed, but if it's not, then i feel you should update the store page description to reflect that. Because there is absolutely no reason to play without it even on 1080p.

Upper image is "high" setting, lower image is "4k".
1.jpg (341 Kb)
Post edited October 23, 2018 by Slyrot