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At start of the game it load succesfully intro cinematics, then, after loading the start data it crash with the usual messages already reported by many players.

I've put an eye to the log and it seems to be a sound config problem.

2D sound system Init() successful with 1 references to the driver.
Saved 3D provider 'Miles Fast 2D Positional Audio' -- Max Samples: 16
Saved 3D provider 'RAD Game Tools RSX 3D Audio' -- Max Samples: 16
3D sound system Init() successful.
2D sound system Init() successful with 2 references to the driver.
Exception code (12) in module 'DEFAULT' { C:\Dev\ThronePatch2\Source\ClickLibrary\Src\GrowableNonContiguousBuffer.cpp : 37 }
Stream Error: Attempt to read past end of buffer.

Then I've uninstalled the whole game and saves and reinstalled it, but the problem is going on.
How can I solve it?

I've to tell that the path C:\Dev\ThronePatch2\Source\ClickLibrary\Src\GrowableNonContiguousBuffer.cpp dont exist in my machine, then dunno how solve it...
Thanks for any help.

Forgot to tell. I'm using it in a win 7 machine, and I've put an eye on the whole registry to find the missing path and the same has be done in the game path, but... it's a mistery.
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