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Lets face it, in games like this we want to get the best armor and weapon, oh im a dual swordsman, I need 100/200 strength dex for my 2 swords, etc. I need 170 strength for my best armor. But I got to thinking.. do you really need all that stuff, or is it better to pick lesser gear for benefits.

So I was looking about. 1 handed swords I think yes, if your a beserker and swordsman with dual swords, you want those 2 top swords for max damage. You aren't using magic, your chopping.

Then I was looking at the Brick. Usually a polearm user. The best is 250 strength/90 dex and has 24 slots and does 35-70 damage. Not a lot for a 2 handed pole arm but with 24 slots you can throw in a bit more craft damage to make up for it, for a price. A 1 handed sword doing 2x that amouht.. ick. Then I was thinking. maybe a greatspear, a lesser polearm that needs 200/80, has 24 slots and does 25-60. So less damage but you save 60 stat points which you can put into vitality. With 24 slots, its going to do exactly the same crafted damage, and only 10 points less in weapon damage. Im pretty sure its going to slaughter just as much and you'll have 120 more health.

Then of course max armor. 150 AC, needing 170 strength. Or triple scale, 125 AC needing 135 strength (for max helmet). You save 35 points, and really is that 25 AC doing to make any difference at endgame, you'll have boosted AC probably on your warrior armor anyway. Same amount of slots for craft boosting, just a little less ac. Suddenly your Brick has slightly less polearm and armor, same craft boosts, but over 190+ more health.

just something to think about. Of course casters just need slots for their weapons to throw on health leech, etc so once you reach maybe 18-20 slots either with a sword or thrown weapon, that's plenty since your armor has your magic leech, and your spells are doing the damage not weapons. It would be amazingly better if they could actually use bostaffs with their huge crafting slots, but sadly no polearms.

I think ill try it this time around, think it will be vastly better with a lot more health by end game, and not worrying about having 525 armor class compared to 500, etc. Also I think going Polearms with the Brick is useless, pole weapons don't gain that super weapon top tier like dual swords/swords do. A Brick going dual swords is going to do much more than the top pole arm by far. 24 slots on polearm vs 30 slots on dual swords, about the same using gems. any lessening of weapon skill can be made up with a couple purple weapon gems. What, up to 300 damage with dual swords vs 75ish with the polearm? no contest.
Post edited August 07, 2018 by eolsunder