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I found the game too annoying only being able to carry 2 wood, 4 fuel, etc, with the extremely limited inventory space. It made scavenging too repetitive. You might feel the same, or you might feel it breaks the game difficulty, idk.

Normally we'd use mods for this, but all the mods for this game are on Steam, there are none on Nexus, and it doesn't seem like the devs set the game's Steam profile to let you download workshop mods to use in GOG.

Thankfully, the game provides a very easy modding tool to do this yourself.

1) Run StorytellerNS.exe, click Create New Mod, and give it a name
2) Select your new mod to edit it in the GUI
3) For every item you scavenge often, change the stackSize property to a desired amount. In my case I just tripled the existing value. So instead of Wood's stackSize being 2, I set it to 6.

Alcohol, Vegetables, Sugar, Tobacco, Parts, Wood, Weaponparts, have the same name in-game and in the mod editor, but here are the weird names:

Materials = Components
StaleFood = Fertilizer
HeaterFuel = Fuel
Hooch = Moonshine
Plants = Herbs
Meds = Medication
TradingItem = Diamond

After editing the stackSize values, click the green arrow in the toolbar to Pack Mod. Then when you launch the game and go to Modding Center, you should be able to see it.