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My game gets stuck on the loading screen that appears after the "November 21" white date screen and after I click the left mouse button to continue.

I've tried it in admin and diffierent combatibility modes without success and the newest 1.0.1 patch didn't solve the issue.

Does anyone else have this problem and know if there is a work around?

The best I've found so far is a post on the Steam forum that a developer responds to asking for clarification on where the game gets stuck but doesn't provide any information or confirmation that this is a bug and that it will be fixed.
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Have same bug
White screen at loading on november 22th checkpoint

also had a loading lock loop once with the green and blue lights that would get stuck blinking forever

also had 5 crashs between the many cutscenes that are in the 1st day's tutorial (aka: within the firtst half hour... which incidentally took 1h and a half, because of having to redo many parts between the very few checkpoints for november 21th. usually starting with the necktie in cell's interrogation, and having to go through all the questions and choices for Boyd's letter to his children...)

I mean: come on, it is within the very first half hour of the game... how could it get past alpha, beta, checks and testing and end up into release ?

I liked the first game very much
from the little i could guess and glimpse at this new version, it seems they polished old mechanics and added new ones i would like for sure... if the game would let me play it

As for now, this game is released in a very unstable mess of a state that is frustrating, disappointing and it makes me sad...
I have same bug
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