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high rated
This Is the Police 2

Changelog for Update 1.0.1 (added 01 August 2018):

Patch Notes:
* Fixed a serious bug blocking the gameplay in the first investigation if played on Chinese or Japanese language
* Fixed mouse input on PCs with touchscreen
* Changes to game balance
* Fixed a glitch that would cause double items in storage
* Some fixes to Chinese, Japanese and Korean text rendering, like bigger font for tutorials

Balance Improvements:
* Your starting team of cops is better now
* Professionalism requirement for calls is lowered for the first week (and for some other portions of the game)
* The game punishes you less for escaped offenders, killed civilians and skipped tactical missions

Changelog for Update 1.0.2 (added 02 August 2018):

* You get rewarded more for arresting criminals and punished less for missing them.
* Professionalism requirements are lower for all missions now
* You starting team of cops is much better now
* Your cops don’t lose stamina points just for coming in to work, only for actually doing something
* Your cops fully recover their stamina after a day off
* Your cops don’t lose stamina points for responding to false alarms
* Tab prices for cops and equipments are revised
* Your cops don’t come up with excuses and stay home as often as they used to
* Your cops don’t drink as much as they used to (weird, right?)

Bug Fixes:
* Fixes an issue in investigation screen that would result in duplicated frames and block progress
* Some fixes to text
high rated
This Is the Police 2

Changelog for Update 1.0.3 (added 03 August 2018):

* Fixed a bug where cops could get stuck on a call after finishing tactical missions
* Fixed a very rare bug about a specific good looking cop that would block the game in later stages
* Fixed the assault if player forfeits it
* Some changes to assault UI to make it less confusing
* Preserve the selected perks if a tactical mission is restarted
* Minor changes to balance
* Some other minor changes and fixes
high rated
This Is the Police 2

Changelog for Update 1.0.4 (added 04 August 2018):

* Now you are able to send cops that drive you crazy back to Lilly, but be careful: you won't get free substitutes!
* Added a new SAFE mode for video playback, to solve the crashes some players had - available through the settings in the main menu.
* Fixed an issue with assault that has been forfeited
* Fixed an issue with putting lootboxes on the safezone
* Fixed an issue in torture screen
* Music in tactics will respect volume set in the options
* Changed volume curve in options to better represent the changes in loudness
* Fixed a rare crash that would block the progress on morning shift screen
* Some other minor fixes and improvements

Changelog for Update 1.0.5 (added 07 August 2018):

* Fixed one of the achievements
* Fixed a bug in AI behavior in one of the missions
* Fix for torture
* Some fixes to Chinese and Russian text
* Some other minor fixes and improvements
high rated
Changelog for Update 1.0.6 (added 10 August 2018):

* Possible fix to the "End Turn" button bug that causes the game to skip turns during tactical mission
* Additional optimization
* Small changes and improvements