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Good morning/afternoon/evening,

We have uploaded a small patch for Thief Gold. This patch is for version 2.0 of our installer, if you have installed the game using version then this patch is for YOU :D.

Here's what's changed or added:

Updated miss16.mis.dml (thanks to voodoo47!)

We added both ddfix and no-ddfix versions to backup folder, for those taffers who prefer the game without NewDark.

Please note that this patch is best when used on a clean install.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns :D.


We have uploaded a new version of the patch that adds a hotfix for the Cathedral mission as seen here:

Thanks again to voodoo47 :D
Post edited July 10, 2013 by JudasIscariot
Nirth: How important is "Updated"?

I've latest TFix installed so I assume my install isn't clean or should it work right over?
if you have TFix, there is no need for patch.
burkjon: Are GOG not integrating the lite patches anymore? I saw 1.25 was recently put out.
We've just updated Thief 1 and 2 with version 1.25 New Dark :) Please either update the game(s) via Galaxy, if you are not using mods, or download the updated installer(s) :)