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I have swapped the Eye and waited for the ritual to finish. It backfires and the Trickster is killed or unconscious on the floor. Then I check the objectives, all checked. The game prompts me to the summary of the mission and after I push "continue" it loads the starting screen, without anything else.

Such a brilliant game has let me an anticlimatic feeling like a kick in the balls. Is there any workaround to load the ending scene? I don't want to watch it on YT, I have deserved it.

Ah, and the game doesn't load the credits either.

Note: played on hard. All the cutscenes and briefings worked flawlessly until now.

PS: game purchased and downloaded on december 2017 I think. I guess there is no new update after that: 1.25 ND

I'm guessing that I've found some bug because I remember I haven't seen the "mission complete" screen. The game goes out after the Trickster is defeated and loads the summary as if it was finished but not. I suspect that I did something during the swap of the Eye where the Trickster spotted me but somehow it continued doing the ritual. I did the swap in the beginning and very fast.
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No success. After I loaded a previous saving and I swapped the eye and got a new objective alert, after the demise of the Trickster, there is no mission complete prompt and I'm out of themission so no ending scene. Terrible.
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does the intro cutscene work? might need to reboot the computer.
The intro works as usual. From a new load of the game (just now) I've been able to load the credits too (I've never tried before because I waited to finish the game). On the other hand, yesterday, the main menu screen I was sent to was unable to load the credits but I did not test the intro.

Eventually I watched the final video in the folder (it's the Cs14.avi) but I don't know if the bonus mission has to be offered next, as per the wiki, the "blooper" mission.

I can try some tests in case you want to notice some bug or something since I have finished the game but I will not delete the savings.
not really, cutscenes not loading sometimes is a known issue, just rebooting the computer usually helps.

the bonus mission needs to be loaded manually, google it.