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I install Thief Gold on my Windows 7 Professional machine and it booted up to the menu screen like normal.
I tried to click the OPTION button, but the game froze and then crashed.
I installed the DDfix, ran as admin, and ran in XP SP2 compatibility mode.

However, it still crashes. Even when I try a new game, it crashes before I can actually play.

Any way to fix this?
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tried the sticky?
Yup. It doesn't work. :(
try to be more specific, like what exactly did you do, what are your system specs, where does it crash..
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OS: Windows 7 Pro
CPU: Intel Core i5 @ 2.4GHz
GPU: Intel HD Graphics

Here's the process I went through to install it:
1. Ran the installer. Installed it with all the default settings.
2. Booted up the game for the first time.
3. Clicked on "OPTIONS" to change my resolution (Game crashed right here)
After the crash:
4. Installed the TGfix.
5. Ran the game as admin.
6. Clicked on "OPTIONS" again. (Game crashed right here)
After second crash:
7. Ran game again as admin.
8. Tried to play the actual game "NEW GAME".
9. Got to briefing. Got excited.
10. Clicked to play. (Game crashed at this point)

I have no clue what I'm doing wrong at this point.
I do - intel hd graphics. that thing is simply unsupported. one way or another, you are supposed to change the resolution by editing cam.cfg - do that, and do not enter the options from the game menu, just try to start the game right away.

double check that you have installed tgfix exactly according to the readme.
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