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So, I just started playing Thief Gold for the first time, and I'm confused as to whether or not the walk button and running while holding speed toggle do anything different, or if they end up being the same speed. Something related -- Does that mean pressing walk AND speed toggle makes you so slow that it's harder to detect you? I ask because no matter how much I walk or hold speed toggle, enemies always hear me from a distance. Do I need to hold them both to make it as effective as possible?
This question / problem has been solved by Malleusimage
IIRC Speed Toggle makes you move slower and subsequently more silent.

Run + speed toggle = walk
walk + speed toggle = creep (more silent, slower)
crouch + walk + speed toggle = ultra creep :) (most silent)
crouch + walk = uhh, somewhere between creep and ultra creep. There are some options for movement in this game :)

There is a trick for moving completely silently though - keep tapping the walk key and you won't make any noise (but you will be very very slow, so it's a realistic tradeoff).

EDIT: Oh yeah, and speed toggle is not actually a toggle - you have to hold it and a movement key down at the same time.
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Okay, that seems to make sense. I think Thief II explains it a lot better in the control settings -- I wish the word "creep" was actually used in the Gold edition of the first game.

Thanks for the explanation -- I'll just have to practice not being seen.
I was just about to edit my post saying that the Thief 2 equivalent is "creep". :)

You're welcome.