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I have recently purchased Thief 3 through GOG, but have not been able to even start the install.
When I do it starts by verifying file integrity, which is normal, but once it´s done, it simply doesn´t proceed to the next stage. it doesn´t so much freeze, as it seems to forget it was in an installation process.

Has anybody else experienced this problem? and if so, did you manage to solve it?

My computer is running a 64bit version of windows Vista, with sufficient hardware in every way. The only problem I can think of is that I only have 10 GB of free disk space, but that shouldn´t be a problem, should it?
Okay, this may seem ridiculous, but somehow, it started installing out of the blue, seconds after I posted this, awesome:)
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Evilgenius: [...]
That long pause is probably connected to UAC (User Account Control) on Vista.
Next time right-click on setup file and choose 'Run as administrator'. It should proceed much quicker.

Just FYI, UAC can sometimes prevent games (especially older ones) from running properly. To avoid that, install them somewhere outside Program Files.