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Can someone briefly explain to me how I can make T2X run with the current GOG version of T2 TMA?
As easy as possible, please, I'm not very computer savvy.

Thanks, guys :)
see the bottom of the first post here, or look around TTLG, pre-packed version were floating around (can be used as FMs directly).
I can't find it. :_( Can someone please be more specific? Any easy solutions?
the linked instructions are quite clear, but anyway, try here.
Well, that's a lot of gibberish. But thanks anyway.
Can anyone, please, for the love of God, give me a quick bullet points on what exactly I need to do?
- I have T2X
- I have T2 TMA installed
- now what?
after you have patched your T2 install with T2Fix, extract the T2x archive to the FMs folder. run the fm shortcut.
Thanks, I found this very helpful.
So basically:
- install current GOG version of T2
- install current T2Fix
- extract T2x into FM folder
but then --- which executable are you referring to? Is there an FM.exe or do you mean the Thief2x.exe?

Thanks. :)
T2Fix should create a FMsel shortcut, that needs to be used to launch the pre-packed T2x version I have linked.
Two questions:
1. So the extracted regular version of T2x won't work?
2. Where's the link you're referring to?
my first post links the way of getting the regular version going (7 steps, scroll down until you see the T2x video), the second the precompiled standalone version that is FMselect ready (hope the link ain't dead).

whichever you prefer.
This is what you mean?

-install T2
-patch up with latest TafferPatcher, let it create the T2 FM shortcut
-install T2x
-run the T2 FM shortcut, and let it create the FMs folder, exit
-move the T2x folder to the FMs folder
-extract T2xfix to the T2x folder, overwrite
-run the T2 FM shortcut, double click T2x

What's a TafferPatcher?
ha, an old link (that will bring you to T2Fix anyway once you read the info about TafferPatcher, but still), fixing right away. recheck the guide.
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Lol. So can I use the Gog Version for that or do I need the original Thief 2:

-install T2 (current GOG T2?? REATAIL version T2??)
-patch up with latest T2Fix, let it create the T2 Fan Missions shortcut
-install T2x (REGULAR v1.1??)
-move the T2x folder to the FMs folder
-extract T2xfix to the T2x folder, overwrite
-run the Thief 2 FMs shortcut, double click T2x

that ought to do it.

also, any T2 is ok as long as you patch up with T2Fix.