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Zombywoof83: Any ideas?
Are you running as admin? Just double checking.
Zombywoof83: doing the hdradeon_winxp stuff too
you shouldn't. you have windows7. copying the files and setting the resolution is all that should be required in your case. make sure you are running as admin, and that your game is not installed in program files. do not set any compatibility modes on the exe.
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voodoo47: figured this might save some people a headache or two - a while ago, I have compiled together the most important TG fixes into one package, so if you are having problems running the GOG release, or just want to have better graphics/widescreen support, go ahead and try it out (works for the regular and the GOG version, but do note that you are using it on your own risk). there is no installer (yet), but the manual install has only 3 steps, so it shouldn't be a big deal - see the included readme. (25MB)

-widescreen support (ddfix)
-forced 32bit rendering, fixes issues with new graphics hardware (ddfix)
-no more issues with cutscenes not playing (ddfix)
-no more issues with graphics related crashes and error messages (ddfix)
-no more resolution switching when entering menu or maps (ddfix)
-enhanced object models, textures and more (EP)
-improved models (hand/bow/sword, guards and more)
-improved water (t2 water)
-bunch of other small fixes not worth mentioning
-makes the game portable, so it can be moved around your hdd freely, and played from an usb thumb drive for example

-if you do not want any graphics enhancements, do not copy over any folders (and EP.crf), just plain files (exe, ini, dll and cfgs).
-fix for hdradeon+winxp combo is in extra folder, see the readme
-requires win2000 or newer to run, latest directx and vc++2008 redistributable.
-do not set any compatibility modes on the exe, this will break the game
-always run the game as admin (vista/win7)
-installing the game to a protected folder (windows, program files etc) may result in strange and broken behaviour (vista/win7)
-reboot after you are done with everything (vista/win7)

final note: this is a collection of patches and fixes made by many fans - I did not make any of them, I just made the necessary edits and corrections to make it all work together.
Hello voodoo47,

May I ask if your patches are compatible also with non GOG version of Thief Gold?
I do know that for Thief 2 there´s Tafferpatcher, but there´s nothing like it for Thief 1/Gold, you have to install all those udpates one by one, manually.

Thanks for you answer.
yes, see the readme (or even the first part of the text you quoted).
Okay, so with DDfix and the new Thief .exe I now need a disk to run it. Any ideas?

I applied fixes in this thread as suggested, and everything works brilliantly with one exception - the textures are all missing, replaced with just the model blue walls and floors. It looks like I'm sneaking through an empty holodeck. :-)

Strangely, doors and guards look just fine.

I am running on a Radeon 5800 card, win7 64-bit. Any thoughts?

And thanks for all this. I forgot how much I missed this game.

EDIT: Did some digging and found a solution - I installed Darkloader and ran just the setup to let it optimize the installation. All the textures came back.
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blue walls mean that for some reason, the crf files have not been moved to the RES folder. you can do it manually, or use the included movecrf.bat, or optimize with darkloader, all three methods do the same thing and will fix the issue.

I assume you are running the original release, as the GOG edition already has the crf files in the correct location.
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I would like to see the patch to leave the file cam.cfg alone. This will make it easier to apply it to an already changed cfg. And correcting the paths is a nice idea, but not everyone uses 'thief' as game dir. I have an old Thief installation on my PC, so I use 'Thief Gold'" for the GOG release.
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feel free to use/not use any part of the package, that's all I can say..
voodoo47: feel free to use/not use any part of the package, that's all I can say..
Sure. Maybe some more explanations in the readme would be a good idea.
very well. the readme is too bloated already, but I can explain a bit here.

cam.cfg is included, because the default (non-gog) tg install does not have the skip_starting_checks var included. also, I wanted to have the default resolution at 1024*768, to avoid potential issues with ddfix and darkwidescreen. the install.cfg uses the default non-gog install as base, and includes all the necessary edits to load all the required files. parts of the filepaths are not used anymore (.\thief you were referring to), but I have decided not to remove them, as they were part of the original file. they are not doing any harm in there. if I had to translate the filepaths to understandable format, they would say: look for required files in the root folder, and load mods from the mod folder (and EP from the root folder) if present. this way, it does not really matter whether you install the hires mods or not, as the game will simply load the default files if they are not there. this will even allow you to drop your own mods into the mods folder, and they will be loaded on the next startup.

the thing is, regular users do not care about cfgs, inis, and filepaths, they just want a quick copy-over-fix-it-all package, and TGfix does exactly that. if you have an already modified cam.cfg and you are aware that you will have to merge the (potential) changes manually, you should have enough skill to know what parts of the package you should use and what parts you should skip.
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What's better, running TGfix, or DDfix? I'm a little confused.
I did everything TGfix asked me to do in the readme, but now when I try to start up TG it tells me to insert "Thief CD #2 into CD drive." I'm using the GOG version, so I obviously can't do that. How can I fix it?
Get a new .exe file and try again... You can try a NoCD download and then patch that with TGfix...

You have to remember, TGfix was coded with the CD check in mind, which GoG's version eliminates. Something about TGfix must have undone GoG's method of cracking it.
raptorsaurusRDG: I did everything TGfix asked me to do in the readme, but now when I try to start up TG it tells me to insert "Thief CD #2 into CD drive." I'm using the GOG version, so I obviously can't do that. How can I fix it?
they might have changed something in the last build, I'll check. try using this install.cfg in the meantime.

Gman217: What's better, running TGfix, or DDfix? I'm a little confused.
ddfix is included in TGfix-plus all the necessary edits to make it work without hexediting and modifying inis/cfgs.

edit: managed to reproduce the missing cd error. the cfg I linked should fix it. I'll integrate it to the main package and reupload in a couple of minutes.

edit2: new release is up.
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