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voodoo47: actually, it does, if you install the texture mods.

btw, as there has been an update to NewDark, I'll probably finally roll out TFix 1.14 this weekend.
i installed the texture mods but i cant see any texture differences compared to vanilla world textures. updated object meshes and textures are there though.
remember, these are not HD textures, just slightly better textures from T2. quicksave, make a screenshot, exit the game, rename the mods folder into _mods, quickload, make a screenshot, exit the game rename _mods back into mods, compare the screenshots. the difference should be apparent, as seen on the attached screenshot.
wow ok you got me there, the difference is pretty obvious. my mistake. i must say i like the updated textures, they look better but still original.
do you feel lucky, taffers? seems like our mystery friend has just released a new version of NewDark, and guess what, it addresses the multimonitor issues (among other things):

1.21 Notes
This is a hotfix for v1.20 to fix broken multi-monitor support (which was made worse by the multi-
GPU and display fix in v1.20) and a pair of minor glitches. Otherwise this is identical to v1.20.
TFix 1.15 should be out in a couple of days (only core file updates, no relights, those are due for 1.16 now). for all those who cannot wait, extract and thief2.exe (rename to thief.exe if you want) to your TG/T1 folder (after patching up with TFix 1.14).
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Didn't say it in the SS2 thread, but thanks for the heads up Voodoo. It's great news that the Raven is this active!
TFix 1.15 is out. the only change is the addition of NewDark 1.21, which fixes the issue with multiple monitors/outputs.
Excellent news. I'd just installed Thief Gold not three days ago, and the multimonitor issue was bugging me to hell. Incidentally, I had no such problems with the last version of the NewDark engine on SS2.
Unless you installed it manually you wouldn't have seen the monitor issue for SS2. I'm pretty sure v2.41 was never incorporated into SS2Tool.
Hey Voodoo, I was wondering if for the next TFix update you could add the option to keep a purist install (only install NewDark and mission patches). I notice when I install TFix you replace the original models with higher polygon ones even if you don't install the visual updates. I personally like playing games vanilla style and the only mods I install are widescreen mods; and plus Thief is borderline unplayable without NewDark.
that would require modifying the baseline fixpack, and that's a bit of a pita, so I don't think I want to do it. I've said it before, if you want just NewDark, well, install just NewDark. if you want the convenience of a one click pack, you will have to sacrifice a bit of your freedom, and accept the choices I've made (like for example, to NEVER show that abomination of a sky that is present in the vanilla install).

besides, the no-neck models are unfinished and look kind of ridiculous - the updated models that remedy this were released later by LGS themselves.
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I never knew the updated character models were released by LG, I'm guessing they are from DromEd. In that case it still count's as a vanilla install if they were made by LG.
If you install TFix and then later a new version of it is released, can you install it over the top of your existing Thief Gold + TFix installation, or do you have to uninstall the game, re-install the game and then install the new TFix?
installing over the old TFix should be fine - the worst that can happen is a bunch of useless files in your Thief folder.
voodoo47: TFix 1.15 is out. the only change is the addition of NewDark 1.21, which fixes the issue with multiple monitors/outputs.
Thanks for the update. I installed it over the previous version and the game started right up on my primary monitor without any configuration.

For reference, I also have 3 monitors connected but unlike the screen shot you provided my in-game "hardware driver" list shows 3 identical lines saying "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660". Despite the identical names they do represent the 3 monitors - starting from the top of the list the sequence is primary / secondary / tertiary monitor.
yes, this is expected, and completely correct (on gpus with 3+ outputs, anyway).