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Hey Voodoo, good job with the downloads but when I installed Tfix my walk key ( S ) changed to walk slow, can you give some advice on how to fix it?
daveG93: when I installed Tfix my walk key ( S ) changed to walk slow, can you give some advice on how to fix it?
Go into Options -> Controls -> Customize controls, then change Backward to S.
there is also a "classic" control set you can load there, you probably want that.
voodoo47: there is also a "classic" control set you can load there, you probably want that.
Thanks, when I looked at the classic mode and saw that key commands were missing I got confused at first but then realized that they were Thief 2 controls when I started playing.
korell: What about the AI, pathing and lighting issues that Baggins mentioned? Do they cause noticeable effects and problems?
Baggins: Well people are pointing out some of the more noticeable problems and anomalies here (and looking into solutions);
Apparently one of the more annoying bits is that the AI in some levels will be able to hear you on any surface, even with moss or carpet. They will come after you. They have become a whole lot more sensitive than they should be. This has made some of the levels somewhat unplayable.

You can get Tfix 1.10 the previous version of TFix here (which in my experience works well for Thief Gold);
WIth that version the thief gold engine remains the original engine, and not converted into the Thief 2 engine. So there should be no anomalies.

Using the previous Tfix 1.12 version, I only really encountered one part where the guard AI seemed very suspect and that was the prison level. When getting to the actual cells, the guards on the other side of the wall behind me seemed to somehow hear me which triggered an alarm even though I was sure I was being quiet and unseen. And no, the cameras didn't spot me this time as I realized that's what triggered the alarms on my first attempt, but keep in mind that this was my very first time playing any of the Thief games, so I don't know if this was a problem in the original. Other than that, the game ran flawlessly for me.
Thanks to NewDark, i can now play the games in widescreen. GREAT! Also, im running these flawlessly on Linux, which is something i was never able to do with my original discs. Oh joy!
Wow, that was easy. Download TGfix, install and then start? It's almost too good to be true, I'm so used to tweaking manually that I found these situations weird. :D

I threw in SweetFX just to see if it worked and it did. While the HDR option does make everything look even darker than it already is it's less blurry and washed out.

I did some changes in the cam_external.cfg and while most were rather minor one that caught my eye and that was HUD scaling. There's two, "d3d_disp_scaled_2d_overlay" and "d3d_disp_scaled_2d_overlay". I'm currently running with the first one on with 64 as its default value. The second one seems to be connected to one's resolution but I've no idea what difference there are between them, any recommendations?
there is no difference, they are just two examples of how to use the command - you either set it to a number (d3d_disp_scaled_2d_overlay 64), this will try to fit the 640*480 hud into you resolution as many times as possible. or, you can set the hud resolution manually - lets say you are using the 1920*1200 res, so you set the hud to d3d_disp_scaled_2d_overlay 1280 800, which will give you 1280*800 hud in your 1920*1200 screen.

ehh, that sounded clunkier than I've thought it would - lets make it simple, try:

d3d_disp_scaled_2d_overlay 2

and if you'll like it, just use that.
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I thought it was suppose to make the HUD scale accordingly after one's resolution so if I've 1920x1080 I can make the icons fit into that or?
no. in the Dark engine (and NewDark alike), hud will scale accordingly to your resolution - the higher the resolution, the smaller will the hud elements become. and this can be a problem if you have a bad eyesight or use super high resolutions (for example, reading the hud text can be problematic when you use 2650 x 1440 or larger res). d3d_disp_scaled_2d_overlay will allow you to override the default scaling.

to put it simply, d3d_disp_scaled_2d_overlay will make all hud elements bigger. use only if you can't read the hud text.
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Ah, okay. I'll do some tests and see how it looks.
Just want to poke my head in and say thanks, Voodoo. I spent around half an hour diddling about with the game, trying to get the bloody cutscenes to play and the cursor to stop flickering, and your handly little pack of fixes cleaned it right up. While I'm disappointed that GOG didn't quite do their job properly before releasing the game, I'm very glad that someone is around to ensure I can play some Thief-y goodness.
I come here just to say 'thanks'. This fixes helped me a lot with running T1 and T2 properly (and it's not GOG verios thou) and, finally, I can finish both of them.
So thank you. :)
Thanks to voodoo47 for all the time you put in to collecting and curating this great collection of fixes. You clearly do it for love of the games but, with your experience, this sort of one-size bug-fix solution isn't for you; it's a community service and is much appreciated.

I'm running the GOG version of Thief Gold, installed into the c:\GOG Games\ directory. I've applied TFix 1.13 with all mods (except Dromed editor). The engine works very smoothly with native, widescreen resolution, movies running perfectly etc. I was just curious about the new textures. I can see a few are clearly higher resolution, and the AI models are much improved. Most world textures though, remain unchanged. In the training area, for example, the texture for the little wooden door at the entrance to each room is obviously brand new but everything else around it remains unchanged. The little parapet to either side of it, walls, stone, carpet, cobblestone, columns, even the large doors at the end of each room are all the original lo-res textures, which strikes me as a bit odd. I've looked around without much success for some comparison screenshots. Not knowing the specific breakdown or origin of the added textures, I was wondering if you could confirm either that this is completely normal, WIP, unfinished areas or if perhaps I might have a problem displaying the new textures.

Thanks again.
as far as is know there isnt any big texture pack included in TGfix. it features some new models that have other (and better) textures and some more polygons i guess, like the wooden door, but it doesn't update the standard textures of i.e. walls.