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when playing Thief 2, every once in a while, the game sticks for a second or 2. I'm running on Windows 7 as admin, everything else is fine. It often happens when dialogue is about to start (overhearing conversations) or when Garrett talks to himself. The game plays OK but this pausing is really annoying. Anyone know what might be causing it?
Anyone? I'm finding that the game really slows down when there's a lot of stuff going on visually as well. Should I reinstall in a different directory or something? I went with default. Not really sure how to improve performance. It's choppy as hell. Ruining my play and I'm kind of getting to the point where I'm going to give up on it.
Try opening task manenger Crtl-Alt-Del to see your computers activity, or close any other programs that are not needed to not run your pc.