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t've heard a lot about the thief games, so I wanted to try Thief Gold out. The thing is, on amazon you can get all three games for 5 pounds, but they don't come with all the extra goodies and you have to get them to work with Windows 7. What would you suggest? Thanks for answers.
I absolutely love GOG, but I bought the retail disc from Amazon for $13, and I'm glad I did. Personally, I had no issues running the games right out of the box, but the community patches installed flawlessly, and all the games are already updated to the latest versions, so you don't have to worry about that. After installing the games, I literally spent about an extra two minutes to make them all beautiful.

Again, I love this website, but I can't say I regret paying barely more than the price of a single game in order to get the entire series. However, you ARE right -- You won't get any of the extras that GOG games are known to come with.
I think the situation is that the GOG versions are a tiny bit easier to get working without fiddling because they incorporate some fan fixes, and they come with extras. But you can get the retail version working if you don't mind applying the fan fixes yourself, and if you don't care about the extras. Also worth noting that many players apply the fan fixes to the GOG versions anyway so they can get extra stuff like higher resolutions and fan-made graphics replacements. The fixes included in the GOG versions only help get the base game running, they don't add anything that wasn't in the original games.
I see your points, but I'm still stuck. Would you be able to install, say, TGFix on a retail version?
yes. actually, TGFix has been made for the retail version first, and modified later to have support for the gog release. with one additional file download (ddfixed thief.exe) it even supports the original (non-gold) version of thief.

the only thing it lacks is a decent installer, hopefully that will change in the near future.
Thanks for the input! I ordered thief collection on amazon.