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During tutorial mission, in the cellar I am suppose to lockpick door. I was wondering if it's very hard, or is it bugged for me? I press action, it slightly zooms on door, tutorial message pops up. I try to do what's said there, but I don't see any lockpicks or lock, just door. Does it display lock like in a latest Elder Scrolls games, or I have to just work it out somehow, blindly?
I run it on Win 7, i5 and Sapphire 7770 card.
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This is usually caused by high frame rates. You should ensure that Vsync is enabled in the in-game settings and also not forced off in the graphics card control panel.

EDIT: reworded for clarity (Vsync should be on to avoid this issue, not off as my original wording might have suggested).
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Thank you, that solved my problem.