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ymgve: It's a small complaint, seeing as other versions of the game from other DD services don't start at all, but the movies aren't working ingame. They work fine when I play them with VLC outside of the game, though.
Which OS do you have?
ymgve: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, no codec packs installed since VLC plays everything without them.
With Service Pack installed?
Any AV software with registry or real-time protection enabled?

edit: and customary question: did you run both the installer and the game as an administrator?
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iainmet: Indeo Video isnt really supported in Vista or 7 and this is why you cant view the movies. It is actually built into the OS but has been disabled.
Still, we run it on clean OS with movies playing so it shouldn't be necessary;
Nevertheless, I hope it works for users above.
ShadeEX: [...]
ir50_32.dll registration is now handled by the installer and should be unnecessary if the game was downloaded on Thursday or later.
Just a note.
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