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I used the patch from these links.

Which works great!

But thing is i still want it in english interface, its just german voice acting i want is all. The english subtitle i managed to fix. All i had to do is change the word "english" to "german" on the folder itself, and the english subs would show up in the game.

But i dont know how to make the rest of the interface in the game turn out in english? Any clues how to do that?

Edit: One thing i figured out, was putting "english+german" in the "install.cfg" file had slight effect of the option section being in english language

Edit2: AHA I solved the puzzle. You have to use 7zip program, go in and just change folder name from "french or german" to "english" on the snd.cfr that has the french or german voices. Awesome! And then you can have the entire game interface in english : D

Tutorial i made on it

And gameplay to show how it looks
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