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so I just bought Thief 3 from GOG and installed it - but to my surprise there is no full screen anti aliasing... does anyone know of a patch that works with the GOG version that enables FSAA?
I found this out...

"Since Thief 3 is based on Deus Ex's engine, there is no support for Anti-Aliasing, but instead uses Multisampling technology which is something similar. Be it so, we set Multisampling to 4x and Anisotropic filtering to 8x through ATI's control panel."

here are my specs: i7-920 2.66GHz 8M L3 cache LGA1366, 6GB PC1333 DDR3 PC3 10666 TCM, Nvidia GeForce GTX260 core216 896mb 16x PCI

how do I change the multisampling with the nvidia control panel to mimic FSAA as mentioned above? there is nothing in the games menu to fix the graphics except to run at 1600x1200 (my monitor resolution) but there must be a way to improve the jaggies in-game
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Nvidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> Program Settings -> Select (drop-down box) or add the Thief 3 game .exe -> Change "Antitaliasing - Mode" to "Override any application setting" -> Change "Antialiasing - Setting" to whatever your computer can handle.

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I might just chip in. To get anti-aliasing working with Bloom you need change the compatibility value to 0x00000045 in a program like Nvidia Inspector.
half of these games arent even on my pc anymore, and Thief 3 is showing up as Terminator 3, which I dont even know if thats a real game, but if it is, I never owned it
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