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Does the GOG version of Thief 3 allow to play fan missions ?
I used to load them with Garrettloader or Darkloader.
Do these programs accept the GOG version ?
Do patches work ?
Yes, it does work with GarretLoader (DarkLoader does not work with Thief III, as the name suggests). As always with Fan Mission loaders, I'd recommend installing Thief III into a directory that is not protected by UAC, such as the GOG-default "Program Files" directories - I always use C:\Games\Thief3 (I always try to avoid directory names with spaces too, but that's because I'm paranoid!).

Edit - The GOG release is pre-patched to the latest version (v.1.0.1, I believe). If you mean do the Fan-made patches work, such as John P's texture pack, the answer is also yes :)
Post edited September 30, 2012 by Irenaeus.
Woohoo! Thanks.