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There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

Galaxy only update from v1.0.16_(41912) -> v1.0.17

Edit 21.10.20: Offline Installers are now avaiable as well: v1.0.17_(42111)

...There Is No Changelog (pun intended) on Gog - but on Steam:

Patch Notes - 20th October
Buongiorno !

Today, we're excited to announce that the non-game now supports italian subtitles!

Added Italian language.

Chapter 1: When we use the large key on the locked folder, reduce the key and use it quickly on the padlock, we can have a soft lock.
Chapter 6: Some events related to videos could not be triggered in the right order in case of big system lag.
Chapter 5: If we reload the checkpoint that follows the unscrewing of the double arrow, it is possible to see the end screen of the Atomic Cucumber minigame while the My Cat plate is not attached to the GameDesign slot.
Chapter 2: The text of the Miss Voodoo ad on the side of the screen overflows in the German language.
Hint system. The text "Next tips in" was not correctly localized if the language was changed via the options menu.

Good non game everyone!
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A NO ther Update, Galaxy+Offline Installers: v1.0.17 -> v1.0.18

So far No Changelog (Gog+Steam)

At least this patch adresses the problem for getting achievement "Wrong Dimension", this was confirmed by devs in an Steam Community Hub Discussion.
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There is no Game
Update Offline Installers v1.0.18_(42276) -> v1.0.22_(43118)

There are only patch notes on Gog for 20th November.
On Steam there is a changelog for december 1st, so i post this here:

"Hey all,

Here is a small patch of no interest

No Improvements:
Updated Russian translation.
Chapter 6: The machine's comment on the high temperature (when you reach 40 ° while the creator is knocked out) will only be played once and not each time you return to the temperature screen.
Chapter 6: The fuse of the bomb ignites on overlap and no longer on the drop.

No Bug fixes:
Chapter 6: Trying to brew coffee while the Creator was knocked out could prevent future Glitch calls.
Main menu credits did not loop properly after changing languages.

Have no fun."
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Hi guys. Any news on a mac version for GOG? Thanks!
"There is no Game" still receive no patches.

No-Patch v1.0.29_(45446) (Offline & also Galaxy installers).

No Changelog (well, yes: No Changelog on Gog, but on steam):

"Patch Notes - 5th March, 2021

Hey all,

Here is a small patch that will further deteriorate the experience!

No Improvements:
The Continue button on the chapter selection will be displayed throughout the progression even if you have just unlocked a new chapter.

No bug fixes:
Fixed synchronization issue between sound and image on some videos.

Have no fun."