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I am having intermittent glitching where 1 minute, I have 6 shops available to buy, then suddenly I am back to just ice cream again. Same with rides - One second there's several available then there's just the bouncy castle. I have the same issue with buying stock for shops too. 9/10, only ice cream shows up despite having a fries store with 0 stock. Warehouse has plenty of space too.
Also intermittently it'll say the name of one attraction and the description of something totally different, then a 3rd different item will appear if I try to buy it.
Sooo many glitches on my macbook pro :(
I also have this issue and I am not using a mac. HALP
Just bought the game and having the same issues on a windows 10 pc.
AndrewCushnie: Just bought the game and having the same issues on a windows 10 pc.

might have a corrupted file.
Try to verify your installation with GOG galaxy or reinstall downloading it from GOG.

Tbh, I did not ocme across that kind of problem at all. Never (and I play the game for ages!).
Even with real DOS, nor in XP times, nor now on W10 (with Dosbox) I had any issues, except the standard bugs the game always had.

Hope a verify of your instalaltion can fix the issue.