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recently startet playing this lovely game again. But as I continued a savegame today I have my doubts, if that is even possible.

Suddenly everything went upside down. Before saving the game, I sold tickets for 220 and the bus was full, everyone happy. Now the rating of the park dropped and I have to lower admission for no good reason to 110.
Additionally my finances are totally out of sync. Cash displayed in the main window and on finances screen are the same, but in the detailed In/Out there's a totally different value.
Silly is, as soon as I start fireworks I lose ~160 every day, shown constantly in In/Out (don't know what it's called) and there it is correctly subtracted. But in main window the difference between these two values gets bigger and bigger.

In this state it is unplayable and I have no idea why.
Does anyone have/had the same issues and knows how to fix it?
Fireworks cost money as you run them, probably why you're constantly losing 160/day.