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Was playing tonight and the game crashed twice. First time it said that there "wasn't enough memory in the exec...", second time was just a bunch of symbols. Seemed to happen at the end of a calendar year within game. Any patches or repairs available?
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Just had this exact same issue (the symbols along with some random words). May have to contact support.
Well, went troubleshooting with GOG support and tried everything. Switching to OpenGL in the dosbox config thing seemed to stop the weird crash with the symbols, but then it just began crashing with a frozen screen and "cd skipping" sound instead.
They ended up refunding me.
You should try cycling down the dosbox window. For me it is fine torun the game with 6000/6500/7000 Cycles.
In the dosbox config file you are able to edit this value.

Also noted, that the game was never fixed and also GOG is using the initial unpatched version.
I was having a similar problem with the game (it kept crashing after a few minutes). In my case, I fixed it by going into the dosbox_tp.conf file in the game folder and changing the sound blaster type to sb1 from sb16 (other types might work as well I didn't check). After this go into the settings screen after launch and change to soundblaster. It worked for me!