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If you play Theme Hospital with the awesome CorsixTH mod - enhancent version, and wants Galaxy to count the time you play with this version of the game, do this:

1. Download the portable version of CorsixTH in their GitHUB releases section.
2. Download the GOG version of the game through Galaxy, or search for it with the program. (Obviously!)
3. In the game root folder there is a subfolder named "DosBOX". Enter there and rename "DosBOX.exe" to "DosBOX.bak".
4. Extract the whole content of the previously downloaded into the "DosBOX" folder inside the game root patch.
5. Rename "CorsixTH.exe" to "DosBOX.exe" and you are done! Galaxy will run CorsixTH instead of the vanilla version of TH.

NOTE: The first time you run it, you will need to locate the Theme Hospital main path to make it work.