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Hi all,

I just tried installing Thea using playonlinux (for those who don't know, some sort of Wine wizard), but I am simply not able to get past the world generation phase. My Wine is 1.8.7
Sorry to the late post, as I said in the Unity topic on General Discussions forum, with a earlier version (1.15.1605):
On a comparative note, with Wine 2.20, the game launches, the Unity Personal logo failed to appear (a little black box in the center of the cyan screen), the cinematic intro works, as it seems for everything except 3D characters don't appear on the map (you only see their spears floating around just like a Mordenkainen's sword :D).
Maybe, the new one could have better results?
Huinehtar: Maybe, the new one could have better results?
I used to have no trouble running it with 2.0.2 and d3d11 explicitly disabled via dlloverrides (with d3d11, my best result was with 2.15+staging, where it didn't crash, and displayed water correctly, but failed to display any characters on the map). I just tried right now, though, and get nothing but a gray screen (sometimes with cursor change). I'm not aware of any changes since the last time I tested successfully, so I don't really know what to say. Maybe I forgot to test the last time it updated. I suppose I could mess with it a bit and see if I can get it running again.