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Too many bugs they say.

My take, you're just not looking on the right spot, places. haha
It's worth but some major bugs in the game like xp bug and infinite loading screens in main quest line which can be gamebreaking.

Wait a few and they hopefully have patch the big bugs?
Now with some major PC bugs(all tho some also seems on console) im getting dejavu.

I hope we don't need a sheson to make a memory patch like he did for skyrim for infinite loading screens because of way to small memory blocks we get on pc because console port?

Btw a longer topic about infinite loading screen on official TW3 forums for the game.
Post edited May 30, 2015 by peternl
ive completed main story, lots of sidequest, visited many places, and i can recomend this game, it has bugs but i didnt encounter many like others..but my main grip is that strange auto-combat mechanic, its very stupid, i wanna have full control of my Geralt, i wanna choose the right weapon for the right monster, i wanna feel like a witcher, for now there is no point to learn and recognize monsters...

performance of this game is ok, looks very good, but to enjoy 60fps u need at least GTX 970, otherwise u will be playing at 30fps..cuz 40/50 fps vsynchd are very i tested the game on GTX 770, ultra high settings at 1080p constant locked 30fps, was smooth but moving camera with right stick of controler make stutters, need to be fixed asap, and that horse slow walk stutter