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Hickory: This is called asking for help while being evasive and failing to supply relevant information. *shakes head*

You don't need to install the GOTY. There is absolutely no difference between the games. The only difference is the installers.
Velerad93: Yes. But i no have 16DLC pack, Year version have this pack. I have the opportunity to install full version (all packs + 16DLC pack) But I do not know if I will lose my saves.
No, you won't lose your saves. They are stored in you documents folder. Provided you have the exact same version of the game and DLCs (and you're not using console version) then the save games are compatible.
So I just downloaded GOG and my Witcher 3 again for my Windows 10 PC. Worked fine on my Windows 7 a few months back. I can press "Play" and it looks like it is trying to load, then nothing happens.
well fixed the issue. The game was missing a single file. Google "VCOMP110.DLL missing Witcher 3"