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I encountered a problem with my Witcher 3 game. After it was succesfuly instaled and than it could run i have egzit the game. Now I click PLAY option on my gog account and game doesent run, nothing happeneds whatsoever. How do I fix it?
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same problem
same thing after downloading and installing language pack
DZDK69: same thing after downloading and installing language pack
Game won't run after nvidia driver update even with fresh install.
Can someone help me?

CrashLog: ht tps:/ /!mc0jHYJJ!Rq5ZhDpnD_DyR7YWrqKiBY4nrbDGgxO8rpbLAsqJhio

EDIT: Just found that I can run the game with the integrated graphics card, but nvidia's still CTD.
I've tryed to reinstall the old nvidia driver too, without success.

EDIT2: Found it!
After installing some mods in the wrong way, I had to check/repair my game installation. This should have deleted the files needed for the reshader to work. Now it can't work, but at least my game is running.
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