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Hey guys! I just got the GOTY edition of The Witcher 3 and I was looking very much forward to playing it.
I live on the countryside, so my internet connection is about 2 potatoes per second, it took me a week to download, to only find it not launching! No problem I thought, I will just do an integrity check.

It doesn't stop. It's forever going on getting the file list, and using up my entire connection even though it's not showing that it's doing ANYTHING. I've googled the problem and the only solution was to download everything manually, which is ridiculous! I don't want to have to download the game for a full week for the SECOND time because GOG doesn't have a functioning client. I hope someone else has a solution to this problem without having to download a week long (and not being able to do anything else in the meantime)... maybe I missed it in Google.
are you using galaxy? the client is beta and people have reported endless waiting times for things like integrity check. i down't know what files galaxy has downloaded. whether you downloaded the backup files or game files directly. if you have the game files, i'd recommend being a little patient with the client and trying later. if you downloaded the backup files, there are md5/sha1 checksums available in this forum