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I don't know but will Windows 7 be thrown out with this next-gen update?
Yes. I'm still an old Windows 7 grandpa and I love it.

you need to know.

My Specs:
Win7/ AMD FX8350/ 32GB Mem/ nVidia RTX 2060 - 12GB/Triple Monitor Sys.
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Yeah, I'd like to know too. This is concerning. TW3 is one of the highlights in the library of a Win7 retro gaming rig. If the update is not compatible with Win7 (cool and totally understand) and replaces original installers (yikes!) it will become very difficult if not impossible for someone to purchase a legit copy, new or used, to run on said rig. Existing owners who aren't paying attention and don't have an old version backed up (probably most of them) will lose it too.

It's so weird for GOG's service of patching/ tweaking old games to have the potential to take DRM-free games out of the libraries of machines they were purchased and running on. Unforeseen consequences from founding ~14 years back I guess, LOL. To avoid this, I would love to see GOG provide an unsupported installer for last version of a game on an OS they previously but no longer support.

Looks like the disc version of TW3 goty or complete edition might be an option in the future for Win 7 users if the Nex-Gen Update presents problems. I wonder which installer version is on the disc releases and if it is usable without patching.
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I too am a win 7 user. Since Windows 7 is no longer supported by M$, I do not expect any new release tol claim it supports Win7.

The "patch" will be free, so I am going to back up my current install of Witcher 3 + mods before I try to install the patch.
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Totally Schizophrenic behavior from CDProjekt. It used to be 'good old games'... Not go download windows 10 rootkit malware if you want to play the game your purchased for win 7.

Do we now have to download every single game we purchased on gog to be sure we will be able to play it on our win 7 rigs? Are they gonna put ray tracing on simon the sorcerer or what?
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It is now Dec 14 and the Next-Gen Update is now available. Clicking on the TW3 in my library, I now see TW3 GoTY Classic (v1.32) in the extras!

Thanks GOG, for keeping available the old last gen release for all us lowend and retro computer users!