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I thought regular, non-adaptive vsync has to switch to an easy dividable of monitor refresh when not meeting its cap (like switching around between 30, 45, 60 when achievable framerate varies), but when I enforced totally regular vsync, trying both driver and in-game, I noticed that it works just like adaptive vsync but without tearing and with the slight input lag from regular vsync. (Although I had to seriously gimp my GPU and it doesn't dip below 50 FPS, so I am not sure the test setup is valid.)

Is this what people mean by triple buffered vsync? Is the game enforcing/defaulting to that? I wasn't aware this works. Then what would be the point of adaptive vsync?
I suspect I missed something.

EDIT: After some more research, apparently it is triple buffering mode.
I also noticed I can use FastSync just fine, while capping at 60. While there are some claims that FastSync does nothing for below 60 (or whichever the display has), it does remove tearing there, too, and has only a tiny bit more input lag than no vsync, while regular vsync adds quite a lot especially if the display is 60 and not for example 144.
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You might want to check the recommended settings for your GPU. There are some good YouTube videos out there. It's especially helpful not to set the frame-rate higher than the refresh rate of your display/monitor.