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Triss starts off, the typical follow the npc mechanic, and the usual bug you encounter... the npc gets stuck. Triss is running in place, stuck there. Reloaded the save and same thing. Ran outside the building, lol, from outside I can still hear the feet jogging in place. /sigh
When you come out of the cut-scene, Triss runs a straight line and gets stuck on that post (for me, confirmed with reloading a couple saves from farther back, reloading the game)

Workaround: Immediately maneuver Geralt into that spot and block her getting stuck. Someone else might encounter the issue.

Holy cow does the difficulty spike pretty hard later on (death march). I don't mind difficulty persay, but... investing a pretty good amount of time to get through a quest to have it spike to impossible level is pretty trollish lol... by impossible I mean mathematically impossible based on my dps. You'll know what I mean without spoiling it.