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though lets face it who really wants to go around as a cold blooded murderer anyways?
go this criminal or this one or this funky one here that goes around killin folks, there's gta5, though sure fastest driving game i ever experienced, fastest gaming experience for that matter.
however TW3 is on a whole other level, it's my first RPG and i love it : D
960 4gb ghetto sli setup here and runnin 60fps solid, all the best stuff maxxed. (no aa nor blur)
love the combat, on par with batman imo, just love everything about it tbh, not even got far in murder this guy 5, i did enjoy fc4 though, ill get back to gta5 at some point.
this is all i play now, i'd still; have a single card but i upgraded for this one.
totally worth it, gettin 17k graphics score on firestrike.
Post edited June 17, 2015 by SLI-756