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I had no problems with version 1.32 of the game. Seems like the new complete edition applies a thin black border all around the screen in fullscreen (exclusive or borderless) in widescreen exclusively (no borders in 1920x1080).

So the game surely is not completely in 2560x1080 because of the black pixels. additionaly, the geforce tools are showing "behind" the game.

thanks for your help
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So for me this Worked.

my fix for DX12 (direct x 12 ) witcher 3 utlrawide black bars is as follows.

open your dx12user.settings

change your resolution to Resolution="2544x1060"

now, here comes to the frustrating part....

so I changed mine to full screen, and it was some kind of blurred monstrosity.

I changed it to borderless window, it did work!

here's the really annoying part.

you have to change to full screen back to borderless window every time you do this.

this isn't acceptable...

this should get fixed... weird that it hasn't.