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This came to my attention as I had to manually download the DLC files one at a time:

First I noticed that the links did not seem to be in numerical order,
Though the file sizes seem to match the sizes listed by their descriptions, the file names
do not always match the file folder in the link (I can only assume that the files go with the
descriptions, regardless of the links, based on the file size). Here is the list of descriptions
as shown in the downloads, the listed and downloaded file sizes, associated file link, and
the name of the file downloaded from each link:

File Sizes
Name: (Listed) (Downloaded)
Temerian Armor Set 24 MB 24.7 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc1_2.0.0.30.exe

Beard and Hairstyle Set for Geralt 19 MB 20.1 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc2_2.0.0.30.exe

New Quest - Contract: Missing Miners 29 MB 29.5 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc3_2.0.0.30.exe

Alternative Look for Yennefer 22 MB 22.8 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc4_2.0.0.30.exe

Nilfgaardian Armor set 33 MB 33.6 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc5_2.0.0.30.exe

Triss alternative costume 17 MB 17.7 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc9_2.0.0.33.exe

New Quest - Fool's Gold 77 MB 76.5 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc7_2.0.0.32.exe

Ballad Heroes - Neutral Gwent Card Set 10 MB 9.7 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc8_2.0.0.32.exe

New Quest - Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear 56 MB 56.0 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc10_2.0.0.33.exe

Alternative Look for Ciri 25 MB 25.9 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc14_2.0.0.34.exe

New Quest - Contract: Skellige's Most Wanted 110 MB 112 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc12_2.0.0.33.exe

Skellige Armor Set 38 MB 38.6 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc11_2.0.0.33.exe

New Quest - Where the Cat and Wolf Play… 119 MB 120 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc13_2.0.0.33.exe

Crossbow set - three new crossbows 11 MB 11.5 MB
Name of file: setup_the_witcher3_dlc6_2.0.0.30.exe
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To make it more interesting:
The DLC folders created by the installer do not necessarily match the DLC number given.

Triss Alternate costume is in the DLC6 folder not DLC9
DLC9 folder does not exist

The Crossbow set is in DLC13 folder not DLC6 (used for Triss)

Quest Where the Cat and Wold Plat is in DLC15 folder not DLC13 (used for crossbow set)

Skellige Armor Set is in DLC14 folder not DLC11
DLC11 folder does not exist

I have yet to install Alternate look for Ciri, but it cannot be in the DLC14 folder since that is Skellige armor
Welcome to GOG's insane cataloguing system. Yes, it really *is* insane.
Interesting. In other words, you never know where to find what you think you got, or know for sure if you got what you believe you bought (at least when it comes to DLC)?
this was confusing
tried to reinstall few DLC's which were missing and though the installer told me that installation was performed with great success, the DLC's were not installed.
DLC installation file names are completely messed up as said before
If you have DLC1-15 (name of installer), your DLC folder should end up with DLC1-8 and DLC10-16, is that right?