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Hello all. sorry if this question annoys anyone.

So i have GOG version of Witcher 3 Bame of the Year edition v1.3.1 for the PC. Both the DLC flags.icons on the main menu a lit up. I am running a fresh game. with various mods added via nexus mod manager.

I was curious about the DLC and how to start it. Found out that i need to be lvl30+ so said what the hey. i'll push through. Im lvl 22 atm, looked at youtube and saw that i should have the missions in the quest/journal. I do not unfortunately. I have been to all teh message boards in Velen and Novigrad,,, i still have witcher missions posted and yet to complete. i still have quests in velen tot complete.

Should i just push forward and hope that it auto unlocks or should it be available right now?

Just in case it matter, below is a list of mods i have added (please dont judge me by my modding choices):-

- Better Trophies.
- Indestructable Items.
- Carry weight mod.
- Instant witcher senses.
- Jump in shallow water.
- Ultra Gore 2.
- Better FX.
- Realistic Weather.
- Auto apply oils.
- Increased creature loot.
- More money for traders,
- The Witcher 3HD.
- All quest objectives on map.
- Debug Console Enabler.
- Show Pins.
- More XP (added recently).

Thanks for your time ladies and gents. appreciated,
the HOS quest should be picked up at the seven cats inn message board and BAW can be picked up from any board. I don't know anything about mods but they're interfering with your game?