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Hi there,

i just wanted to tell that i wont buy a game anymore on GOG because of the bad server performance.

I had troubles to download witcher 3 and now it downloads the new patch at like 0,1 m/s while on steam everyone gets full speed.

Update: Now it even says server error and the patch doesnt download at all.

I wish i wouldnt have used GOG. Steam is way better.
Download manually from the library? No one forces you to use galaxy.

But i agree. Galaxy server issues are annoying.
Post edited May 21, 2015 by MaIkavian
Wow what a childish way to troll, you don't get it your way and come here whine like little kid who's mommy don't do right away what you want and start crying, shame on you.

GOG galaxy is in beta not long ago released steam is already how long 12 years or even longer?

Remember early days steam?...oh wait you where prolly not born yet.

Grow up have some patience and learn some social skills.

If you had posted as veteran user and in many years had many troubles and nothing solved i say your right but you have almost zero post prolly have not bought any game here on gog and then promote steam how sad is this:(

I down load right now patch 1.03 this moment with 1.5 mb(not fast but still ok) ao its wrong on your part prolly not on gog's part.
Grow up! Shit happens pal.
I just grabbed it from instead :D
The website patch is significantly smaller than the one Galaxy is trying to DL. How can I tell which one is "right" without word from CDPR?
Yeah, ultra crap download speeds with Galaxy. BTW i'm on 100/100 connection.
Take a chill pill. :)

There should be a subforum where people can go and vent. Everyone have to make their own complaint threads. :\
Guess I have been lucky because patching and installing trough galaxy works wonderfully for me.
At my meager cap of 1MB/s all the time.
Do hope people remember that galaxy is still in beta though.
ansaheli: The website patch is significantly smaller than the one Galaxy is trying to DL. How can I tell which one is "right" without word from CDPR?
A patch will always be smaller when downloaded from the website, it's compressed package.

Galaxy downloads the unpacked files directly, just as Steam did for 10 years before they changed it.
I'm using galaxy for it and I'm getting all those bugs.
I'm fine though, just had to retry a couple times.
I definitely expected it cause Galaxy is a brand new client; nothing against from that alone. :-)
I'm fuming as well, so anxious. Probably suing CDPR later on today for all this stress.