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After enabling the Beard & Hairstyles DLC through Galaxy, which worked like a charm btw., i went to the nearest barber to get a clean shave, since i wanted to witness a bit more of this fabulous beard growth simulation, just to find out that - without any warning (at least i didn't stumble across it) - getting a shave apparently disables this feature. Now i am stuck with a clean shaven Geralt and I am, tbh., very disappointed in this system.

I completely understand the argumentation that someone who paid for a certain beardstyle wouldn't want it to grow out, but even with a clean shave? this is not only unrealistic, but it never warned me about this change and something this major for immersive gameplay should have, like, a huge, flashing red warning sign all across the screen.

well, enough rant, back to the question at hand: since disabling the DLC through galaxy renders the previous savegames useless, even without having used the barber, i am completely stuck with no beard growth.

Is there a way to reenable it?

thx in advance!
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Mmh if that is the case it might be a bug.
Before seeing Emhyr I got shaved (like everybody does). It was a complete shave like you described and the beared grows again... so shaving completly and then regrowing is definately possible in the game. Let's wait until the post-release-shitstorm ends and when the support ist no longer overloaded report it as a bug.
Shaving is the way to get dynamic beard growth again. Reload to an earlier save or try shaving again or getting a different style beard and then shaving that. Its gotta be a bug so if you can't fix it somehow that way you'll have to wait for a fix. Does meditating grow your beard?