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After wiping out all his men Radovid is supposed to knock on a door demanding for it to be opened. Phillipa obliges.
This play through a bug took over. After all his men were killed he stood on the opposite side of a rickety old wooden fence
with us good guys on the other side. It was impossible to reach him, I could not climb over the fence and there was no way
around because the bridge entrance had been barricaded. He simply shouted for more reinforcements from time to time.
I tried throwing bombs over the fence and also using my crossbow, nothing worked.
The quest showed two options, "kill Radovid" and "follow Roche"
I selected the Roche option but he just stood there and we could not talk.
After about half an hour of pure frustration a few more of his men suddenly appeared. After they were killed the cut scene
took place. LOL

update: the rickety old fence is actually one of the barricades which are gone the next day.
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You're topic title is a spoiler itself. Really not nice on a forum.