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Jega: @ eraser = stop hating everyone like in the other posts & start supporting so that we can get the patch!!!
You're not going to get the "patch" - the game will release on the 18th/19th, learn to be patient.
yeah im waiting but that was the last time preordering here on gog XD. Console gamers play and i have to wait ? Well ok than i can wait till the game is in the 10€ budget section at the stores ^^. I Preorder to be play as soon as possible and not as the last one ^^
Post edited May 16, 2015 by Psychonaut89
I don't really mind that the game is already playable on Xbox and PS4, I didn't watch any stream of the game, just the videos presented by CD Projekt so that, once the holy date comes, I'll be as surprised as a new-born baby!

It's been a while since a game made me feel so tense, these last few days are actually the worst, but, as the other one would say, just Keep Calm and Carry On, the White Messiah is comin'!
Eraser74: You are all acting like a bunch of kids. Seriously there is nothing more entertaining than reading forums of hyped games right before launch.
That's what I was doing in these past few days, really amusing to see how worked up kids (probably some adults too, which is even more amusing) get when something is not presented on a silver plate :)

If you want to read some really devastating lack of self control, good judgement and common sense, pop into any one of the 'omg the graphics was downgraded' topics, trumps it all.