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Just thought I would play through this great game again and i seem to be stuck on White Orchard for the time being because I can't loot the head from the griffin. The other loot is there, just no trophy so the animation when Geralt cuts the head won't play and I can't finish the quest. After some time trying to get it via the console I found out that I didn't get any trophy from the devil by the well either. The only mod I have installed is brutal blood and I have tried to re-install and re-download the game but it didn't work and I'm still stuck. As I hinted, I have already played through the game once. This time however, I chose to simulate a witcher 2 save and thats the only thing I did different before starting the game. However I also found buckthorn and the nilfguardian soldiers before I actually got the quest, so I didn't have to find the hunter or the herbalist to move on so I just got straight to vesemir and the griffin. Anyone else have this problem? I can't find anything on the net but I would appreciate any tips or help I could get. Thanks
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typivan: The only mod I have installed is brutal blood
Remove the mod according to the mod author's page.