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I can see some difference, and I believe virtual 4K does look better than native/real 1440p given the same settings. My setup, however, will not play 4K ultra at much more than 30 fps, whereas in 1440p I almost always am in the 50 range (not a stable 60 lock) with all settings maxed, except hairworks AA at 4.

The 50-ifsh 1440p is fluid enough, although not perfect (still can't see much difference between 50-ish and those parts where I can keep up the sixty lock), while anything 35-ish would be okayish, I guess, just not nearly as comfortable.

What would you guys suggest doing? Keep my settings? Drop them down a bit to get a more assured sixty lock? Or drop them considerably (starting with AA, I guess? obviously less hairworks?) to play at VSR 4K, as GeForce Experience recommends?

Thank you.
Just turn hairworks off and your FPS will improve.
But what would be your preference between higher settings in 1440px vs higher virtual resolution with lower settings?
Higher settings with 1440p. VSR is a band-aid for older games that have poor settings.
Post edited May 03, 2019 by Hickory