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Cause of the crash issue in DX11/DX12 may be:
- Sometimes are wrong user.settings files in <ur documents>/the Witcher 3 folder(u have to delete all user.settings files) or no system privilege to run game exe or to save game settings files in dokuments folder (runnig game exe as admin may help with that) .
- Wrong or old graphic drivers or non] directX update[/URL] or non] visual c++ redistrib update[/URL].
- Many problems also causing mods or changes that they made in some game files, that steam/gog verify/repair option cannot recognize, even saves can be broken because of some mods that was used at progress in this save(you have to run older save or new game). Even uninstalling game do not remove mods from game files, you have to manually delete whole game instalation folder to be sure that no mods left there anymore.
- For others only using DVXK dlls can help running DX11:
if ur GPU supports Vulkan technology, then download DXVK dll:
~ download newest "dxvk-...tar.gz" from:
~ unpack this file and from "x64" folder copy: "d3d11.dll" and "dxgi.dll" in to the same location where is the game .exe (This will force the game to use vulkan instead of the DX11)
I was getting this same issue.

I noticed when i verify/repair game files it was downloading 159mb every time, which turned out to be the "_redist" folder.

Attempting to run each of those manually i found that the msvc2019 version wouldn't install.

Downloaded the latest verison of the 2015-2022 redist and installed that (both x86 and x64) which fixed the game not starting up at all.

Worth checking if anyone else gets the same symptom with the repair redownloading that same part over and over.