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CharlesGrey: Does water tesselation affect your framerates? I have water at "High" and it seems like FPS drop down near rivers etc. I haven't checked with an actual FPS counter though, so I could be wrong.
grrrendel: Nope, not at all.

I just looked into my options - I have pne more setting at high instead of ultra: Foliage Visibility Range. And really important: the new Nvidia driver. But I guess that was the first thing we all installed before playing Witcher 3. :D
Yes, I have the new driver ( unless they already posted another update ). I just tested and water does indeed lower my FPS. Never seems to drop below 30 though, so it's not as bad as I thought. I cranked some more of the settings up to Ultra, and average FPS seem to be around 45. Not bad at all, as far as I'm concerned. ( Especially since my screen tearing issues are gone, ever since I set the FPS limit to 60. )
Even with lower settings: It's the boss of all games! :)
I bought a new Mainboard, CPU (i5-4440) and Graphic Cards (Asus Strix GTX960) just to play this game (before I had a Core2Duo and a GTX650Ti) so I am quite happy that the game runs absoluteley great on my system. Even with Hairworks on it runs smooth at the beginning but the framerate goes massively down at the scene after the first ride - so I turned it off and now everything is all right. I still cannot believe how great this game looks. The card gets a bit louder during play (fans about 50% and temperature at about 59 degree celsius) but that is a small price to play such a great game. The only thing that is a real downside for me is the terrible German dub. Not worthy for a game of this scope!
CharlesGrey: Extra RAM won't help you much with the hairworks calculations. ( In fact, so far the game doesn't seem to use much more than about 2GB of the 4GB on my card, even with most of the settings cranked up. )

I'm kind of hoping they'll provide some better tweak options for the hairworks feature, such as max hair count, or lower hair MSAA.

But in the meantime, the standard hair isn't bad at all, so don't worry too much about it.

I used to have a GTX 750TI until recently. I'm glad I made the upgrade for this game ( and future releases ), but I wonder how it would have performed. Too bad CDPR didn't release any kind of benchmark for W3 or their engine in general.

As for the Gameworks(not) stuff, it really seems a bit like those features are only dropped in to push sales of high-end Nvidia GPUs.
fun_factor: Ok. Is this also on GTX 960 or on a GTX 980?
960 and 980 will both run fine. Turn off hairworks and the game runs well on pretty much anything. Turn on hairworks and you can watch $2000 video cards turn into slide shows.
GTX 970 couple of the settings at Ultra the rest at high, hairworks on (love it), HBAO+ on, frame rates fairly solid around the mid 50s (very very occasional drops to mid to high 40s) CPU running at 4.4 gig 16gig of memory. Turn of the HairWorks if you have issues with it... the game still look superb, excellent game.
GTX960 on a i5 processor.Running 60fps consistantly with everything max but foliage distance which is near max,and hair on min.Be sure to switch the game ti windowed mode,then apply and switch it to Borderless window or the game will more likely crash.Until Bug fixes come around atleast ;P goodluck!
Good to know GTX960 guys are having good good experience with this game.

Just wondering, if anybody tried this tweak:

"C:\Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\base\rendering"

look for "HairWorksAALevel=8" and make it like this "HairWorksAALevel=4".

I've seen it posted on the comments in W3 Graphics, Performance and Tweaking Guide at gForce website.

Yeowzahhh, I'm at 18.22GB now, on the GoG Dowloader. 4GB more.

Funny, the 980 card came in this afternoon. I might put that on first to see if it's working. It's an open box purchase, but I got for a good price and they said I'll still get the 2 gift. But I have to make sure it's working properly. I'll just stress test it with Kombustor. Should be an easy swap since it uses the same driver. Then I'll put the 960 back in to see for myself how well run the W3.
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