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Hey guys,

We're testing out upcoming Achievement Notifications that will eventually make their way into the GOG Galaxy overlay, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is our playground.

If you want to give them a try right now, you can do so through the Beta Update channel in GOG Galaxy, check out the announcement for more info.
Are some of the "do-able" pre expansion new 5 achievements in TW3 actually do able?
I would try but I've 100% on the vanilla game. (80% now as it stands with the new ones added)
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Any fix coming for the broken achievements? "Fiend or Foe", "Gwent Master", and "Power Overwhelming" didn't unlock for me.
This is great news but none of the achievements have really been working since patch 1.07, so I can't tell if the notifications even work.
On the one hand I'm regularly getting in-game notifications for unlocking achievements that were already unlocked ("Let's cook!" and "Bombardier") and on the other hand there are achievements that are unlocked but don't get notified at all ("Fist of the South Star").

Is there a specific place were users can describe their experience or does Galaxy send the info automatically?
Just tried it, it works! Purple popup came up for "What Was That?".

No sure about the sound it made because I was in the middle of fight with ghouls and also had The Fields of Ard Skellig blasting in the background.
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daisensou: No sure about the sound it made because I was in the middle of fight with ghouls and also had The Fields of Ard Skellig blasting in the background.
There is no sound for unlocking an achievement. They should add one.
Yep definitely a sound to go with the popup
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I had the overlay working pre 1.10, but now i can't use it. My saves won't load. When i attempted loading with the overlay, i get reverted back to V. 1.08. Is there a way to make v. 1.10 compat with overlay. Or am i doing it wrong?

When will the overlay beta channel be updated to 1.11? I'm getting impatient.
There's a new update to the way we're delivering the notifications now, so basically: no more waiting for the newest version of the game to support notifications.

To enable your Achievement Notifications, first make sure that you have claimed and installed the 16 Free DLC pack. You should now see a new Game Overlay setting in the client (enabled by default), use this toggle to enable or disable the feature.
If you don't see your notifications - make sure that the feature was enabled for you automatically, or simply try turning it off and on again.

Enjoy! :)
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After this update the game often crashes.
Jep the "Game Overlay" feature forces game to crash.
Nevermind. The reason some achievements weren't unlocking was because I hadn't installed the HoS expansion yet. Thanks.
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