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Wow! Free copies, and not one giveaway?

I'll give away my GOTY to someone in need, this means:

1) You don't already own the base game
2) You own something more than freebies
3) Your account is older than the giveaway
4) You don't already own 500+ games
5) You're not an a**hole - the internet remembers

Hit me with your favorite moment from Witcher 1 or 2. Baring that, any RPG will do.

Code expires June 22, 2020 (11:59 PM GMT) UTC+2:00
Fuck! I fail rule #5
I'm in.

I was playing Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. I usually play as the hero with all the good karma, but I had read an article about how most people play in the exact same way and only play the good path. So I thought, what good is an RPG if I don't go crazy with it. So I decided to deliberately choose the evil options.

With all the talk of Cain and the end of the world I figured the bad ending would either be me dying unleashing the end of the world, or becoming one of his lieutenants four horsemen of the apocalypse style. So I sided with Lacroix because it was the easier more slimy path. When we opened the sarcophagus and there was nothing but dynamite, I was pissed. All my evil and that was it. Crap, the one time I decide to be evil in a game I'm actually punished for it.
Quest "Hangover", is a reference to the movie "bachelor Party in Vegas 2". It is very similar to the plot of the film. Geralt wakes up almost naked after drinking and asks people around for information about the past day. And Yes, I need this game) for 3 days I have been looking for those who could help me get a copy.And even if it's not me good luck to everyone))
My reputation was removed for asking me to help me get the game((
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I'm in too, if you still have it and it's not expired.

One of my most favorite moments in The Witcher 1 was the quest Of Monsters and Men - a very Witcher-like moment I would say. :)

Thanks for the chance anyway.
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I'll give it a try:
One favourite moment from the game Unepic (because that game is just un-epic most of the time! ) is when you go to the mine section and before one door/room, you are stopped by an orc that asks you, as a challenge, to impregnate a bunch of females, which of course you are happy to take on thinking you'll have the time of your life.. but those are female orcs! You still go ahead with it anyway..
I'll try too, if nobody don't mind
My favorite moment is how Geralt escapes in the end of "The Unforgiven" quest. Laughted out loud, such a low move on woman pride.
Not in, but great GA +1
Not in, +1 ;)

But I can tell about my favourite moment in W1:
Witchmolol bool (eng)
Wiedmolol bul (pl)
Prize given away - thanks for sharing.

One of my favorite moments in Witcher 2 was Iorweth's speech while walking him through town - I knew we would be good friends.
if still open I in