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If you re-mapped jump to another button than Space, you will notice that it doesn't carry over to jumping while on Roach.

This is EXACTLY the same reason we still have to press E to Take loot, even if E has been re-mapped to something else (but, as yet there is still NO way to fix this particular keybind that I know of).

These hard-coded keys (at least as far as the keybinding page in Options) really need to be addressed.
Just change *ALL* instances of "IK_Space=(Action=HorseJump)" inside of input.settings to "IK_WHATEVER=(Action=HorseJump)"
UprightMan: Just change *ALL* instances of "IK_Space=(Action=HorseJump)" inside of input.settings to "IK_WHATEVER=(Action=HorseJump)"
Yes, *ALL* 2 of them.
Also, to anyone on m&kb who might be interested...

When throwing bombs, if you want to cancel the throw, that function IS ALSO HARD-CODED to Space.

However, in the Input settings file in MyDocs, there are 2 settings ending in, "(Action=ThrowCastAbort)" The 2nd one is for m&kb commands (it's at the very bottom, 3rd line up).

You can map this to any available button as well. I put it on my RMB.


(not sure if there is a setting for crossbow cancel as well - if any who still use Space for anything can double check this))
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